aloe vera; Textilsiegel
aloe vera: The product is treated with the valuable, natural extract of the aloe vera plant. This makes clothes very comfortable to wear and gives them a soft, silky feel.

clima protection system; Textilsiegel
Clima Protection System: The Clima Protection System protects against the wind but is breathable - ideal for athletes. The body is well protected and does not get cold.

CoolMax; Textilsiegel
CoolMax®: CoolMax® is a special fibre which will keep you comfortable. It wicks moisture away from the skin and allows it to evaporate quickly on the outer layer of the fabric. Even during periods of intense physical exertion the fibre will keep your body at a constant temperature and avoid any loss of body heat.

Cordura; Textilsiegel

Cordura®: Cordura® are very durable nylon fabrics. The cut polyamide fibres are re-spun and finally woven into a fabric giving the cloth high abrasion resistance and ensuring minimal wear and tear.

Cotton made in Africa; Aid by Trade; Baumwollbauern; Tchibo; Qualitätsbaumwolle; Baumwolle Qualität
Cotton made in Africa: Tchibo supports the Aid by Trade foundation’s ‘Cotton made in Africa’ project. The project helps African cotton farmers to support themselves with the production of environmentally and socially responsible - and thus more internationally competitive - quality cotton. Products bearing this seal are made exclusively from ‘Cotton made in Africa’ cotton.

DryActive Plus; Textilsiegel

DryActive Plus: Performing well at sport is dependent on your body temperature remaining constant. Instead of absorbing perspiration, DryActive Plus fibres wick it away from the skin, allowing it to evaporate quickly on the outer layer of the fabric. So even when you break into a sweat, your body stays pleasantly dry and you don't cool down.

Duracord; Textilsiegel

DuraCord®: DuraCord® fabrics are made from rugged synthetic fibres that are resistant to water, sun and wind, and therefore particularly suitable for outdoor use.

easy care; pflegeleicht Kleidung; Textilsiegel

easy care: All products marked as easy care are especially easy to iron and maintain.

Real Leather

Real Leather: Products bearing this seal are made from high quality leather.

Greenfirst; Anti Staubmilben; Textilsiegel
Greenfirst®: The Greenfirst® treatment offers completely natural protection against dust mites. It is based on extracts of the essential oils of lavender, eucalyptus and lemon. Its excellent efficacy and hypoallergenic properties have been verified by independent laboratories.

LYCRA; LYCRA Siegel; Elastizität; Passform; Textilsiegel

Lycra®: Lycra ® is an elastic fibre often added to clothing where stretch is desired. The amount of high quality Lycra® added increases the elasticity of textiles, ensuring a good fit and shape retention.

LYCRA® lasting fit; Textilsiegel

LYCRA® lasting FIT: LYCRA® lasting FIT is an elastic stretchable fibre hat resists sagging and shrinkage and guarantees lasting shape retention for clothes.

magic cut; magic cut Siegel; Textilsiegel
magic cut: With highly elastic material and flat, barely noticeable edges, clothing with the magic cut label fits the body perfectly and does not show through.

meryl; Skinlife; Textilsiegel
meryl Skinlife®: Products with the meryl Skinlife® label are made of a soft, breathable fibre and will retain their original shape for a particularly long time with the right care.

Lenzing Modal; Lenzing Modal Siegel; Textilsiegel
Lenzing Modal®: The Lenzing Modal® label identifies textiles made from lightweight, extra soft material guaranteeing high wearability. These fabrics are especially breathable.

Nomite; Anti Milben; Textilsiegel
NOMITE®: The NOMITE® seal guarantees that a product is suitable for those with a dust mite allergy. A special tightly woven down- and feather-proof fabric stops mites getting through - ensuring a healthy sleep environment.

Organic Cotton; Bio-Baumwolle; Bio Baumwolle; Tchibo
Organic Cotton: Products with the Organic Cotton seal are made exclusively from organically grown cotton, which is not only environmentally friendly but also kind to the skin.

Pure Silk; reine Seide; Seide; Textilsiegel
Pure Silk: The Pure Silk seal confirms that a product is made from 100 percent pure silk. Silk is soft and lightweight and has natural insulating properties. Characteristic features are that it keeps its shape well and has a glossy finish.

Protect Light Reflective System; Textilsiegel; Sicherheitsreflektor

Protect Light®: Garments with the Protect Light Reflective System® have safety reflectors for increased visibility in the dark.

Recco; Lawinenschutz; Avalanche Rescue System; Lawinenrettung; Recco Reflektor; Textilsiegel
Recco®: The Recco® reflector locating system allows rescue teams to pinpoint where avalanche victims are buried using radar detection equipment that picks up the special Recco® reflector.

Sanitized; antimikrobiell; Textilsiegel
Sanitized®: Garments carrying the Sanitized® label are treated with an anti-bacterial agent which inhibits the spread of germs - thereby making them more hygienic. Fabrics stay fresh longer because of this antimicrobial feature.

Seamless; Seamless Siegel
Seamless: Underwear products bearing the Seamless label are made without annoying side seams - a feature that ensures high wearing comfort. The clothes feel just like a second skin.

Scin Care; Tchibo; TCM; Textilsiegel; Hautverträglichkeit; Schadstoffe geprüft

Skin Care: Our skin is sensitive. That's why all textiles that come directly into contact with your skin have been strictly tested for harmful substances.

Stretch; Textilsiegel
Stretch: Stretch refers to stretchable, elastic cloth. Stretch textiles are very comfortable to wear even if cut in tight-fitting styles.

Teflon; Faserschutz; DuPont; Textilsiegel

Teflon®: The Teflon® fabric shield prevents fluids immediately soaking into the cloth. It acts like a protective shield that helps repel water and stains.

Thinsulate; Textilsiegel
Thinsulate: Thinsulateis a high-quality fibre structure made of 65% polyolefin and 35% polyester. It acts as a thermal insulator. The special padding keeps the body pleasantly warm. It is lightweight and breathable, making it very comfortable to wear.

Traumpass; Daunen; Federn; Textilsiegel
Traumpass: Products with the Traumpass seal must contain only new down or top quality feathers. Manufacturers who use this seal are certified and regularly tested by the Kontrollgemeinschaft Federn-Zeichen.

Tubiguard; Textilsiegel

Tubiguard®: The Tubiguard® finish causes liquid to roll off the fabric and thus prevents moisture from penetrating and dirt from sticking. The fabric remains breathable and dries quickly.

Wollmark; Wollzeichen; Wollsiegel; Wolle; Schurwolle; Textilsiegel

Woolmark: The Woolmark label identifies products made from 100 percent wool. Wool has excellent wearing qualities: it is breathable, lightweight, soft and very warm.

Woolmark Blend; Wollsiegel; Wollzeichen; Schurwolle; Wolle, Textilsiegel

Woolmark Blend: Products that carry the Woolmark Blend sign contain at least 50 percent sheep wool.