Lead, motivate, inspire

Are you determined to take over entrepreneurial responsibility and in the medium term the management of a Tchibo Shop? Excellent! Because you can only achieve this goal with a strong will to succeed. We created our programme for aspiring Tchibo Shop managers for people like you, who enjoy managing staff and want to actively change your future.

When you enrol in this programme, you work in the ‘normal’ daily business in service and sales. And where better than directly at a Tchibo Shop? You will also take part in an advancement programme that will turn you into a model manager within two years through on- and off-the-job training. Your goal: to lead your own Tchibo Shop team to success as an ambassador of the Tchibo brand, and to manage our product range. For this purpose our seminars teach you the business know-how in particular that is necessary for the managing a Tchibo Shop. In workshops and special training courses, you will learn leadership skills, how to train sales staff, and further develop your professional and personal strengths.

This combination of working at Tchibo Shops, contact with customers, and the possibility to put new ideas from various seminars into practice directly is what makes this programme so special. Regular feedback meetings with your supervisor ensure an even steeper learning curve. And at the end? You are fit in every respect. For your team. For our customers. For your future.

Ideally, you:

  • have completed vocational training,
  • have sales experience,
  • you are willing to accept responsibility and enjoy managing staff
  • have a confident manner,
  • possess team spirit and a friendly personality,
  • are willing to work flexibly within regular shop opening hours.

You’re longing to show what you are capable of? Then see our job centre to find out whether and where we are currently hiring aspiring Tchibo Shop managers.