Our range of products is diverse. But whether you're looking for delicious coffees, fashionable clothes, amazing technology products, travel deals or mobile phone offers - we always strive to offer you top quality at a fair price, by putting our expertise and passion to work.

Non Food: quality we vouch for

Our goal is a product that surprises you and meets your expectations. We set out strict requirements for a product's safety, quality, functionality, materials and workmanship. We continuously check items from production to sale to ensure they comply with our quality requirements. To this end, our products are comprehensively tested both in-house as well as by independent laboratories. If all criteria are met, the TCM Seal is affixed.

Our quality standards relate not only to the purely 'physical' quality of the products, but also to the conditions they are manufactured under. This includes a sense of social responsibility towards all workers involved in producing them, and the environmental impact of our products and their production process.

Coffee: only the best beans

Tchibo coffee is characterised by the highest quality and freshness. In our coffees we use only the best beans from high-grade Arabica coffee plants (100% Tchibo Arabica).

As coffee experts, we want to offer our customers enjoyment 'in every cup'. For us 'quality coffee' means not only the careful selection of the best coffee beans, a sophisticated roasting process and loving preparation in our coffee bars; it is also especially important for us to use a growing share of raw coffee that is produced in environmentally and socially responsible ways. These are identified, for instance, by the Bio (organic), Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance seals on the product packaging.

Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of the best beans at the origin and is binding for all parties involved in the manufacturing process: for production, purchasing and sales. We even include our standards as obligatory guidelines in our contracts with coffee suppliers.

Our service standards: we are here for you

Tchibo quality does not end after you have purchased a product. Your wishes and especially your criticism are important to us. You can contact us at Customer Service round the clock, seven days a week. The staff in our Tchibo shops will also be happy to handle your concerns, from exchanging goods to answering questions about our range.

Our goal is to deal with your requests as quickly and smoothly as possible. To do this we have established mandatory standards of service.

Nobody’s perfect - but we’re always working to improve

Despite extensive quality checks, items can sometime have faults, as not every article in a series can be tested individually. For example, deficiencies in our Non Food items can occur because of defects in the production machines, operating errors or damage during shipping.
As coffee is a natural product, you can also never entirely rule out the possibility of flawed beans being processed – with the result that the coffee fails to meet your taste requirements.
And finally, sometimes things can go wrong in customer service as well - an e-mail processed too slowly or a telephone call forwarded incorrectly.

Please help us do things better. We welcome your suggestions and take your criticism seriously.