Fulfilling our customers’ wishes, hand in hand with your colleagues.

The success of our Tchibo Shops is based on the seamless cooperation of a team that provides excellent customer service at all times. There is a division of roles, but it is by no means carved in stone, because everyone helps each other out, especially when things get hectic. You can apply for specific positions via our job centre, e.g. sales staff, service staff, catering service staff and merchandising service staff. The job descriptions outline the tasks associated with each Tchibo Shop position and the professional background we expect.

However, for every Tchibo Shop position, the people we’re looking for

  • have experience in the respective operational area,
  • appear friendly and knowledgeable,
  • have team spirit,
  • are highly reliable,
  • flexible and
  • are physically fit.

You’d like to discuss your aptitude as a candidate for a Tchibo Shop manager? Then we expect you to have

  • completed vocational training,
  • a willingness to accept responsibility
  • the ability to lead and inspire staff and
  • enthusiasm for the Tchibo brand and for everything you do.

Does all this sound like you? Then we should get to know each other. Check out our job centre to see if we are looking for Tchibo Shop personnel in a town you find interesting.