What can we do for you?

You do everything for our customers - and we are happy to return the favour: for example, with the social benefits of a large company, and numerous seminars that help you get ahead professionally and personally. This in turn benefits our customers – and yours. Because when we train you in subjects such as sales, coffee serving at our coffee bar or visual merchandising (Tchibo Shop design), Tchibo Shop customers naturally profit from it. Of course we will properly train you for your leadership role as a Tchibo Shop manager, and give your motivation an extra boost with an attractive bonus scheme.

On the other hand we hardly need to encourage the extremely friendly and collegial atmosphere that prevails at each of our Tchibo Shops: it’s in the air you breathe at Tchibo and something we draw our strength from. And if we now mention the diverse tasks our changing product worlds involve, you should have a good picture of your future in mind.