Started as a temp, ended up as a Tchibo Shop manage

Sabrina Frank, manager of the Tchibo in-house shop at the Hamburg Head Office 
“I’m a qualified bakery sales assistant. After my parental leave I wanted to go back to work in 2008 - mainly because I’ve always liked dealing with customers. In November 2008 I finally started at Tchibo – as a temp to help out during the Christmas season. After a short period of training I was able to do my job independently. It was all great fun - and apparently I did well, because I was hired as a saleswoman. After I had gained some experience in my new job, I became a deputy Tchibo Shop manager and was eventually promoted to Tchibo Shop manager. My challenge consists of leading a team, assigning tasks, giving feedback and agreeing targets with my Tchibo Shop staff. To make sure I'm up to these tasks I’ve attended a number of workshops and seminars on topics like leadership, teambuilding and visual merchandising.

I really enjoy the work. Of course I'm also measured by my success - my goal is to make the plan and meet the targets together set by headquarters with my team – while always keeping the welfare of our customers in mind. The latter is easy for us: after all, being friendly and working well in a team makes us successful. As a mother, what has impressed me most at Tchibo is that the company offers such great opportunities for advancement and makes it possible for to have both a career and a family.”

Flexible working hours for balancing career and family.

Daniela Ising, saleswoman

“After my first parental leave I was looking for an opportunity to work in sales, because I love dealing with people. Being able to work part-time was a great help. When I started, I was particularly surprised by how many products there are at Tchibo - not just in terms of coffee, but also the many items in the weekly changing theme worlds. In my work I mainly conduct sales meetings and take care of office work, which is easy for me as a qualified office clerk. But I quickly learned the ropes in all the other areas as well.

One thing that is a new challenge every day is to meet our customers’ requirements while also meeting our revenue targets. The annual competitions provide a constant incentive, as there are great prizes to be won! Also, there are frequent workshops and seminars, for example on visual merchandising, which help me in my work. But what motivates me the most in my work are my colleagues. We’re a great team and we complement each other perfectly.”