My working days are as varied as our customers

Josephine Schmidt, trainee clerk at a Tchibo Shop

"From customer to apprentice, from buyer to seller – that was how I came to join the Tchibo Shop team. I already liked Tchibo before, and when I came into contact with Tchibo’s range of training offers after finishing high school, I immediately applied. It was the right decision; the friendly Tchibo Shop team made me feel very welcome. I quickly learned the ropes, took over independent tasks, and settled in. I just had to get used to the work hours, as I had previously worked late-shift hours as a barkeeper and now had to work early shifts.

My training is amazingly fun. This is partly due to the excellent working atmosphere at the shop, the wide variety of activities, and our diverse range of Food and Non Food products. I advise customers, grind coffee beans on request, and sell cakes, coffee and consumer products. I also get to know the work done in the office and warehouse. I especially love the fact that I’m the Caffissimo representative this year: I determine how many machines are to be sold per month and check whether we have achieved our sales target. So I’m always pleased when a machine is sold.

Basically, I really enjoy sales. You have to constantly adapt to customers’ wishes – and that can be quite a challenge. Sometimes you need strong nerves in addition to having a friendly nature. But it’s the conversations with the customers that make each working day different.

What am I planning to do after my training? I’d like to work at Tchibo’s head office in Hamburg. I could also imagine myself as a future Tchibo Shop manager. Until then I’ll quench our customers’ thirst for coffee, as unfortunately I no longer have any time to spare for the volunteer fire department.”