Create, design, join the team: Our trainee projects.

Our trainee projects not only offer plenty of variety, they’re also a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your talent and skills while also showing whether you can work independently and in teams. Together with other trainees you manage ‘your’ project through all phases - from planning and organisation to successful implementation. 

  • Trainees run a Tchibo Shop: Every year we offer our third-year retail merchant trainees the opportunity to run a Tchibo Shop for one week. As a team, and without supervision by experienced managers. This is the best and fastest way for them to learn what it means to take responsibility.

  • School marketing: In their first year of training our business trainees in Hamburg visit schools in the region and tell other students about the training Tchibo offers and what it's like to work at Tchibo. The trainees handle all the preparation, organisation and presentation themselves.
  • Girls and Boys Day: Once a year, our trainees treat around 40 of our staff children to a lot of fun and games. When the kids spend a morning visiting our company on Girls and Boys Day, a varied, entertaining programme awaits them – organised, presented and delivered by our trainees!