Your training is just the beginning.
But the beginning of what? That’s partly up to you, of course. Where and how far your path at Tchibo takes you depends on your own talent, dedication and ambition. But one thing is certain: if you complete your training with a good grade, your personality fits with ours, and you always give your best, you have excellent chances of being offered a permanent position at our company.

Possible next steps.
Usually, after your training you will be hired for a full-time position - either at a Tchibo Shop or in a department. We will gladly offer you the chance to continue your schooling after you successfully complete your training.

We will actively support you even if your ambition kicks in after you’ve completed training as a retail merchant. Provided you have leadership qualities and corresponding final grades, we will be happy to enrol you in our Tchibo Shop managers training programme.

In short, we do everything we can to promote and develop your talent. If you ‘do your bit’ and show a special passion for the Tchibo brand, all doors are open to you.