Breaking new ground and realising unprecedented projects

Christian Fuchs, senior manager, Digital Marketing Concepts

“Tchibo - I was raised on the brand. My parents even diligently bought the coffee! After six years indirectly working for Tchibo at an agency, the idea of working at the company itself to help develop its e-commerce business appealed to me. My dream came true in 2007 when I joined Tchibo as a webshop manager in charge of the weekly theme worlds, Tchibo Prozente, Cafissimo, and Coffee. I was also responsible for various projects such as the launch of our online shop in Poland.

In October 2008 I was promoted to head of the Page Creation department, and managed the department’s expansion to include the creation and mailing of newsletters. One especially exciting aspect of this was our strategic goal of ‘in-sourcing’, i.e. bringing services previously sourced from external providers back into the company. Finally, in June 2011, I was appointed senior manager, digital marketing concepts manager, in our newly created Consumer & Brand Digital Marketing team.

My colleagues and I are building a central unit for digital marketing in the Non Food, Coffee and Cafissimo departments, and merging online media, digital marketing and social media into comprehensive campaigns. We also look into digital trends and innovations, their applicability for Tchibo, and strategies for synchronising digital marketing activities with measures in more traditional media.

My most exciting project to date was in the run-up to Oktoberfest 2011 when we hired celebrity chef Alfons Schuhbeck for a live cooking show on the Internet, in which customers participated interactively and could help determine what should happen next - for example, what dish was to be cooked, or whether Alfons Schuhbeck should play his favourite song on the guitar. We streamed the recording in a Hamburg studio live on the Internet – people could watch it on, the T-Online site, MSN and Facebook. What inspires me about Tchibo? The openness of my co-workers and the desire to break new ground. This willingness is what makes projects like this possible in the first place.”

Fascinating business model, exciting career opportunities

Jolanta Walag, Senior Controller Coffee

“Before joining Tchibo, I had already gained three-and-a-half years of professional experience working for an international consumer goods company. It was time for a new challenge. It was important to me to work for a company that stands behind the quality of its products. Since 2009 I’ve been a senior controller for Tchibo coffee, and assist the Executive Board and senior management by researching and furnishing the data for our pricing and marketing meetings.

The scope of my tasks is enormous: from creating reports, forecasts and business cases for innovation, to the evaluation of promotions, launches and delistings, through to analyses of the German coffee market and competitors’ activities. My most exciting project to date was collaborating on the long-term Cafissimo strategy. Single-serve systems are growing rapidly and are therefore of great strategic importance for Tchibo. In drawing up the business plan, we reviewed several-year coffee market forecasts, analysed the strengths and weaknesses of our business model, and defined long-term growth and profit targets. These were elaborated in a scenario that is currently used as a reference in decision-making, for example when defining marketing activities.

What do I like about Tchibo? The open workplace atmosphere. We support each other when things get tight anywhere. People treat each other with in a respectful but relaxed way. We laugh a lot. I was most intrigued, however, by the unique business model that covers Coffee and Non Food, proprietary and third-party sales channels, and in-house as well as third-party production - that makes my job exciting and opens up countless career prospects. The fact that this exciting company has its headquarters in a city like Hamburg is the icing on the cake for someone like me, who loves to dance, go out and meet up with friends.”