Automatic for the people.
The days when faults in technical systems were caused by a loose screw are long gone. Modern manufacturing and distribution installations are full of electronics and IT – and anyone who wants to understand, control and repair them requires special skills. Skills you will systematically acquire in this apprenticeship. Skills that are invaluable at Gallin because everything has to work like clockwork so that we can meet our delivery times. So, for you everything will very soon revolve around the core of our logistics systems, the process control engineering, and thus the central control module. You will use this to programme, install and maintain commands via PC. Naturally, with your skills you will quickly eliminate any fault that occurs.

At the beginning of your training we will ‘feed’ you with basic knowledge of metals and electronics. After that, the PC will be your best friend, which you use to monitor the extensive network of electronics. You also need to act on your own initiative to independently acquire new knowledge. After your training, we look forward to gaining you as a valuable new member of our team.

Course starts: Every year on 1 September Duration: 3.5 years

Application deadline: End of March of that year

Your profile: You have A-levels (Abitur), an advanced technical college certificate, or good GCSEs and are enthusiastic about electronics and computer science. You need good grades in maths, physics and English. You are open, approachable and enjoy working in a team. Previous internship experience in a technical environment is an advantage.

Place of training: Tchibo GmbH, Am Heisterbusch 11, 19258 Gallin

Vocational school: In addition to your on-the-job training you will attend three-week lesson blocks at the Vocational School of Technology in Schwerin.

Seminars: During your training you will take a first aid course and attend fascinating specialist seminars at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Education Centre in Schwerin.

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