We’ll help you make more of yourself. Because you make more of us.

Working at Tchibo means taking responsibility, questioning the status quo, optimally contributing your strengths into the team, and growing by ever-changing challenges. These challenges vary a great deal depending on your job. So further training at Tchibo primarily means individual development. This also means that we want to strengthen your assessment of your own potential and encourage your proactive development. We want to make new, daring leaps with you, to successfully ‘land’ in tomorrow’s markets. We ascertain whether an employee has the professional and personal skills required for a current or desired position during regularly scheduled talks. We will develop career plans with you as well.

No employee left behind: staff development at Tchibo

The development and promotion of each and every employee is important to us at Tchibo. Therefore, we regularly invite all employees to expert presentations at the Tchibo Business School. Possible topics include improving self-management or enhancing one’s own profile. In order to keep expanding the professional competencies of the Tchibo team, we offer a variety of courses ranging from foreign language and IT training through to specialised and intercultural training. We also promote people through team development, active mentoring and coaching.

Identify, develop, expand: our talent management

The greatest talent is useless if you don’t do anything with it. So at Tchibo we do everything we can to identify ‘high potentials’ and promote and develop them with special programmes. In this way we are always able to fill strategic positions with top people from our own ranks.