We are a family business – in every respect!

Initiatives and measures to increase employee satisfaction, promote health, and provide relief for those labouring under a double burden have always been a tradition at Tchibo. At the same time, we keep finding new ways to make sure employee engagement is in keeping with the times. Some of the following offerings do, however, depend on the place of work. We’ll let you know what benefits you personally are entitled to when you start your job.

Let’s get things moving: Health-promoting measures at Tchibo

  • With ergonomic office workstations, ‘lifting aids’ in production, and other preventive measures we ensure good comportment for our employees and minimise the risk of accidents. We also have a team of company doctors on call at all our major locations, to consult in matters like vaccination requirements when travelling.

    Employees at our Head Office in Hamburg have the opportunity to turn their colleagues into ‘sport buddies’ at the company Recreation Centre, which includes a gym, a weight room and a swimming pool for keeping fit on your own or ‘as a team’. This strengthens solidarity as well as your body and mind – and that is a cornerstone of our corporate culture and ultimately of our success.

  • The selection at our staff restaurant proves that food can serve your health, too. Our chefs concoct a wide variety of balanced, healthy and above all delicious meals and snacks – something to meet every taste!

Inseparably linked at Tchibo: business and family
As a historic family business, Tchibo feels an obligation to its employees and their families. We provide consultation and assistance, and do so very quickly:

  • We stay in touch with our new mothers and fathers during their parental leave we and offer them consultative services – including pointers about returning to the job.
  • In Hamburg alone we have more than 40 day-care slots available at six different facilities.
  • Our services to help alleviate small worries and major problems range from a nationwide family service to holiday and emergency care for children, to consultation about providing nursing care for relatives.
  • Children of employees in Hamburg are eligible for the Kidz Playground holiday programme, which offers various sport camps.

At the same time our working arrangements are in keeping with the times: we’ve established trust-based working hours, and job-sharing and home office hours are possible in principle, while part-time jobs are an option at our logistics sites as well.

It’s not for nothing that our company has held the ‘audit berufundfamilie’ quality seal since 2010. And our Gallin logistics site in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was recently awarded a ‘Family-friendly Business’ seal as well.