Exquisite Tchibo diversity

The fascinating opportunities Tchibo gives you arise from our unique business model, which is fuelled by innovative ideas, market and technology trends as well as a love of change. We offer our customers an unparalleled mix and diversity of coffee specialties, useful items and services – which we not only sell, but also manufacture. Add in the fact that we change our range weekly to keep surprising our customers with new products, and mention our various distribution paths, and it becomes clear that Tchibo offers wide-ranging, ever-changing challenges that promote growth – both yours and ours.

There’s no getting past Tchibo – because you’ll find yourself passing Tchibo everywhere!

A contradiction in terms? Not at all! Because our products find their way to the customer on various distribution paths. For one, there’s our nationwide network of Tchibo Shops. They are the beacons of the Tchibo brand, where customers come to enjoy our coffee and our full product range. Add to that the Tchibo Depots at supermarkets. This unrivalled concept underscores our premium presence: for no matter whether our Depot is located at REWE, EDEKA or Real – Tchibo has a consistent branding and looks like Tchibo even in third-party environments. Online Sales Germany, in which we pool our mail-order and online retail activities, and Tchibo Coffee Service, our B2B sales channel for bulk consumers in the restaurant and hotel business, and workplace and community catering, round out our multi-channel sales system.

Tchibo quality

Tchibo delivers on its promises. And that is equally true for our products and our service. So our work is subject to the highest quality standards, which ultimately benefit the customer above all.

Coffee: Our quality promise begins with selecting the best beans and is binding for everyone involved in the production process: growing, buying, transportation, storage, roasting, sales and marketing. To secure the best coffee grades from the countries of origin, we rely on solid, longstanding supplier relationships. True to the philosophy of our founder Max Herz, we take the ‘direct path’ by producing part of our coffee ourselves.

Non Food: We have strict requirements regarding our products’ safety, functionality, material and processing – and continually monitor, inspect and test the items from production to point of sale. Our high quality standards extend not only to the ‘physical’ quality of the product, but also consider the conditions the items are produced under. This includes, for example, the social responsibility we have to the workers involved in the production process.

So what’s missing? You! Our business model and our high quality standards give rise to a vast range of tasks across the entire production chain.