More than just a job

At Tchibo you benefit from the advantages of an internationally successful group while enjoying a corporate culture characterised by the SME structures and flat hierarchies of an independent Hamburg-based family business. This also means that we take a long view, act responsibly and cost-consciously as we organise our business in a forward-looking way. In this connection, we take effective measures to strengthen our corporate culture and promote employee satisfaction.

At Tchibo, we want happy employees – because we need them

Only people who are content can concentrate on the success and the future of our brand with full dedication and passion. An open, candid treatment of one another is as important to us as are interpersonal relations governed by clear rules of conduct and a high ethical standard.

Our company’s values and what they mean

We want our employees to share our understanding of who we are – to put it into action, pass it on to new colleagues, and live by it in their daily work routine. The Tchibo DNA outlines the success factors of our unique brand: our coffee expertise, our Non Food concept, our sales system, our marketing, and our corporate culture. With our unique profile, we have earned the trust of a broad customer base. Tchibo’s future success depends vitally on our ability and determination to uphold and strengthen this trust in our brand– and soon, on you. Please check whether you share our self-concept – and whether you can identify with the way we do things.

The Tchibo DNA (excerpt)

  • Fair prices, good quality, friendly advice and personal service. This is Tchibo.

  • Our employees share a great passion for our brand and our products.
  • We are united by a desire for success and enthusiasm for new tasks and projects.
  • We celebrate successes and learn from setbacks.
  • A shared interest in Tchibo’s success determines the actions of all.
  • Flat organisational structures ensure quick decisions.
  • We encourage and expect initiative and the taking-on of responsibility.
  • In our constant quest for improvement, we appreciate swift, pragmatic implementation.
  • We don’t make a big deal out of mistakes, but do expect people to make quick decisions and learn from mistakes.
  • We are open to the better argument; once decisions are made, we purposefully and promptly put them into action.
  • We scrutinise our decisions and processes with a view to their implications for the customer.
  • We value reliability, honesty and openness in dealing with each other, as well as perseverance.
  • We feel a social obligation for our employees: preparing young people for their careers and providing long-term employment is important to us.
  • We value a restrained and proper appearance in public.

That really says it all, doesn’t it?