From application to first day on the job: Your path to joining the Tchibo team.

You’ve already taken the most important step towards joining Tchibo. The fastest path to Tchibo is via our job centre and by clicking on the „Apply now!“ button below the respective job listing. The actual application process begins once your documents have been successfully uploaded. An email confirming the receipt of your application will of course be sent to you within minutes, so you can rest assured that we have received your application.

Whether you apply online or by mail/email (e.g. for an apprenticeship or a Tchibo Shop position): after the documents are reviewed and an initial pre-selection process, applicants at Tchibo proceed along different paths – depending on whether you’ve applied for an apprenticeship, a trainee programme, a direct hire or for one of our Tchibo Shop teams.

An aptitude test at an assessment centre,followed in some cases by a phone interview and of course in-person interviews are important stages that will bring you closer to the Tchibo team, step by step. We’ll let you know in good time what steps exactly you will be taking, once you’ve applied.


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