How to get noticed – in a good way!

We don’t want to miss this opportunity to share with you a few helpful hints regarding your application. If you pay attention to the following, you will not only make our job much easier, you also ensure a smooth process and will easily soar past all technical barriers.

Your documents

  • Please make sure that you submit all the required documents: a personal cover letter, a short-form CV (résumé) and letters of reference. If you have completed your university entrance qualifications, please also include your Abitur report card/certificate. This saves us having to follow up on missing items and prevents unnecessary delays.
  • Your application documents shouldn’t exceed 10 MB – so please keep them small and combine your references into a single document if necessary. It’s best if you save your documents in the PDF format especially if you work with Open Office or on a Mac, since we are unable to open those formats.
  • What makes an application compelling and successful? Essentially the important thing is to make sure your documents give us a good idea of who you are, effectively and efficiently. So clarity is the vital ingredient – including the short-form CV. Keep your cover letter, which also serves as your letter of motivation and should not be longer than one DIN A4 page, limited to important facts and an honest, authentic description of yourself, along with a candid explanation of what inspired you to apply for a job at Tchibo. Write in your own personal style and avoid clichéd phrases. You want your application to stand out from the rest, after all.
  • Even though a lot of jobseeker guidebooks advise it: please don’t call us just for the sake of calling. It’s not necessary to introduce yourself before submitting the application. Better to let your application documents speak for themselves.
  • Are you applying for an internship? Then please note that the times specified in the job listings are flexible to a certain degree. Ideally, please let us know your preferred timeframe in your cover letter.

Your interview 

  • Your job interview is without a doubt the most important step on your path to joining the Tchibo team. It helps us to get to know each other and clarify any open questions. It is important to us that you be yourself – we are being authentic too, after all. This personal conversation is the best way for us to get to know your personality while also giving you the chance to get to know us better. After all, the idea is to see whether we are compatible. Which means: you, too, can ask us all the questions you like.

  • Preparation is everything. Especially when it comes to your joining the Tchibo team. After all, we are looking for people who share our passion for the Tchibo brand. This enthusiasm should be evident in your job interview. So learn about your Tchibo Shop, your Depot or the work environment at our Headquarters. Impress us with how much you know about Tchibo.

  • In addition to a representative from our HR department, your future supervisor and/or another employee or manager from the department will be present at the interview. So please be prepared for technical questions. If you’ve applied for an internship, you will only be speaking with a staff member from the department.

  • Even if your personality and your professional skills are the focus here, you should ‘keep up appearances’ and consider the business context. In other words: good manners and appropriate clothing are a given.