The diversity of our sales channels means we are available everywhere and at all times – and at the same it time multiplies your opportunities! The weekly changing range of products, the standard pricing and the distinctive appearance of Tchibo form the common thread that runs through our networked, flexible and expertly managed sales system.

  • Our nationwide network of Tchibo Shops is a visible sign of our closeness to customers. Known as Filialen, they are the ‘beacons of the Tchibo brand’.

  • Online Sales Germany , our ‘24/7 Tchibo Shop’ covers our mail-order and online retail operations.

  • In the supermarket sector we work with selected Depot partners who must be compatible with us. Our standard commissioning system (branded shelf systems, standard advertising and pricing, active shelf management) lets us manage, control and stage our brand and product appearance in our partners’ stores completely ourselves.

  • Tchibo Coffee Service, our B2B sales channel, serves the out-of-home market and – as a partner to business customers and bulk consumers in the restaurant and hotel trade as well as in workplace and public/community catering – specialises in system solutions (complete solutions for coffee and food).

All four are our own strong sales channels that secure our independence.

Job opportunities in Tchibo Shop Sales: ● Field sales ● Sales service ● Sales marketing ● Visual merchandising ● System architecture ● Sales training ● Expansion and real estate management ● Franchise/partner models

Job opportunities in Online Sales Germany: ● Web presence ● Online and direct marketing ● Category management ● Coffee/Non Food/travel/services ● Customer loyalty ● Cross-channel sales

Job opportunities in Supermarket Retail: Key account management ● Field sales ● Sales management ● Volume Planning Coffee ● Sales marketing ● Sales service ● Depot administration

Job opportunities in Coffee Service Sales: ● Key Account management ● Field sales ● Sales marketing ● Direct sales ● Controlling ● Customer service ● Sales service ● Machinery service provider management