Our IT department forms the technological backbone of our organisation, and as an internal service provider provides a variety of up-to-date solutions and services for applications, networks and systems. These are real specialists who cooperate with all the departments to ensure smooth operations at all times. The team evaluates the suitability of the latest technological developments for Tchibo and puts innovations into practice. As Tchibo’s IT infrastructure is extremely complex, due to our business model, IT at Tchibo is full of exciting challenges.

The Direct Business Platform department deals with all the current and future platforms and processes we use to approach customers in our direct sales business. It is responsible for the strategic development of our online sales in Germany, as well as the e-commerce platforms of our international subsidiaries.

Job opportunities: ● Operations ● Application development ● Licence and asset management ● Procurement ● Requirements management ● Portfolio management ● IT controlling ● International IT management ● Website for online sales in Germany ● Search engine optimisation ● Reporting and analysis of consumer behaviour ● Measuring the success of national and international direct-marketing activities ● Newsletter design and distribution for all sales teams ● National and international call-centre operations